Archipalago descends on Hajia Bintu; exposes her for living ‘fake life’ on social media

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Archipalago descends on Hajia Bintu

There is a simmering fracas between former confidante of Shatta Wale, Archipalago and Ghanaian Tiktok celebrity Hajia Bintu.

It all started when Archipalago commented on a post shared by Hajia Bintu on social media where he said she (Hajia Bintu) does not look as beautiful as she portrays.

Hajia Bintu who was not pleased with the comment sent a dm to Archipalago telling him straight forward that she is unhappy with his words and does not claim she is beautiful.

“Why do you intend to insult me, have you met me before or have you created human being before, I didn’t say I am beautiful, I hope you have gotten what you wanted [sic]”

That was the message Hajia Bintu sent to Archipalago. Fast forward, Archipalago shared a screenshot of the message Hajia Bintu sent him on social media with the audacious statement that she wants to be made famous by him.

Subsequently, Archipalago has shared two images of Hajia Bintu subtly to body shame her for looking quite different in real life from the glamourous pictures she has online.

Hajia Bintu is expected to reply and we shall see how this appetizing beef pans out. However, fans are calling out Archipalago for acting immaturely by trying to shame a woman for the fun of it.

Check Out Screenshots Below:


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