“Are You Trying to Tell Us that God Made a Mistake While Creating You or That He Accidentally Interchanged Hormones Between Some Men and Women?” – Dzifa Sweetness Asks Homosexuals

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Dzifa Sweetness, a very vocal sex coach has shared her thoughts on whether homosexuality should be legalized in Ghana.

Whilst on eTV Ghana’s adult show, ‘In Bed with Adwen’ Dzifa Sweetness made it known that God intended for sex and intimacy to be strictly between a man and woman, and not two people of the same gender.

“I don’t understand how it came to be that men are having sexual relations with men and women are having sexual relations with women. We hear some people say that is how they were born and when I asked what they mean by that, I was told that some men are born with female hormones and some women born with male hormones,” the sex coach said.

Are you trying to tell us that God made a mistake while creating you or that He accidentally interchanged hormones between some men and women? I can’t judge anyone but I know that the God I serve does not make any mistakes. Well, we have understood your theory but why don’t you let us enjoy our peace because as far as I know, you people are already in the act secretly so why are you now making this whole fuss about coming clear about it and having it legalized?” she quizzed.

According to Dzifa, homosexuality will neither be accepted nor tolerated in Ghana for cultural reasons. Therefore, people who identify as such should make sure they are not caught.

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