Article Wan Tells Kumi Guitar How He Can Get Hit Songs

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Article Wan of ‘Solo’ fame has suggested that singer Kumi Guitar is a talented singer but he’s not getting the widespread attention he deserves. 

While speaking to Graphic Showbiz in an interview recently, the Afrobeat star said some artists like Kumi put so much effort into their works yet get little attention. He made the comment while sharing his opinion about how Ghanaians determine which of their songs will be hit.

“Although it is difficult to tell which songs make the hit, we should be able to do research on what fans want. For example, why is Kuami Eugene getting the hits but Kumi Guitar is not getting the attention he needs?

“Maybe, Kumi Guitar has to go back to the drawing board and do his homework well and get the fans to start enjoying his music to the fullest,” he said.


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