“As The Wealthy Think About Investing, The Poor Only Think About Spending”-Pastor Sam Adeyemi

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My name is David, and i write with you in mind.

There has always been that one thing that sets wealthy people apart from people who are considered poor.

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It has always been the case that the wealthy get wealthier by the day whereas the poor also get poorer and poorer, people have attributed this to the fact that the wealthy keep suppressing the poor so they don’t reach their level.

This, in actual sense, might be far from being the case as poor people by virtue of what they do to themselves, are just their own undoing and not being suppressed by the wealthy in society

There appears to be something poor people aren’t doing right which is costing them and stifling their progress in their journey to financial freedom.

According to Nigerian author and pastor, the thing that sets the two groups of people; poor and wealthy, apart is that as the wealthy think about investing every little penny that comes their way, the poor always have one thing in mind: spending the money they get.

This often makes the wealthy continue to reap the benefits of their investments whereas the poor continue to wallow in poverty because the money goes as it comes and so they do not get any returns.

According to Pastor Sam Adeyemi, wealth creation starts from making the decision not to spend every penny that comes into your pocket, and poor people definitely need to appreciate this.

To be wealthy, you need to think about investing the little you have and not just spend it all.

“Wealthy people think of investment when they have money. Poor people only think of spending. Wealth building starts with the decision to not spend everything. Where do you belong?” Pastor Adeyemi wrote.


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