As3m Aba: Nursing and Midwifery Council hunt for nurse who threatened to FINISH hospital patients in viral video

N&MC has distanced itself from a video in which a student nurse took part in a TikTok challenge and inadvertently said she’ll ‘finish’ patients that might visit the hospital where she operates. 

The Council has also issued a warning to nurses, midwives, students, and social media users against “non-professional and unauthorised actions” involving the wearing of the uniform.

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The (N&MC) released a statement saying that “attention has been raised to a social media post in which a supposed nursing student in uniform is shown making a claim that she would murder any customer who wants her service as a Nurse since she was compelled to study nursing against her will.”

Midwifery Council chases student nurse who threatened to FINISH hospital patients
Midwifery Council chases student nurse who threatened to FINISH hospital patients

It was made clear by the Council that it “places considerable significance on concerns of professional conducts for nursing and midwifery students, nurses, and midwives, therefore, condemns such behaviour.”

The public was made aware that “investigations have begun actively to identify the aforementioned student and administer the relevant consequences as outlined in the Code of Conduct for Nurses and Midwives.”

The comment by the purported nursing student was characterized as “a clear evidence of ignorance regarding the nursing and midwifery professions,” with the implication that the general public should view the statement with “the disdain it deserves.”

Additionally, the Council reassured the general public that it had been given the responsibility to “ensure in the public interest the highest standards of training and practice of Nursing and Midwifery.”



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