Ashawo ladies’ godmother at Dichemso Plaza arrested after cutting colleague’s Tonga for snatching top paying customer

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The Police in Kumasi has detained a Nigerian s3x worker who was accused of cutting her colleague’s vagina in exchange for stealing her most valuable client.

In Dichemso Plaza’s prostitution ring, Bella is regarded as the godmother of all prostitutes, according to the claims.

Inflicting wounds on her victim’s face and thighs, she reportedly used the blade.

She had been told by her attacker to avoid attracting the notice of one of her most important customers, according to the reports of the victim.

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Ruth was assaulted by Bella and four other people on the side of the road, and the suspect inflicted the injuries on her while they were holding her wrists and legs in place.

When Bella’s cronies learned of her arrest, they immediately fled.

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In a piece of related news, a Ghanaian s3x worker who has worked in the illicit trade for a decade laments that she has nothing to show for her efforts.

TV3 interviewed Rochelle Grace (not her actual name), who said that she wanted to be a lawyer, a marketer or a cop one day.

However, she didn’t have the support she needed to realize her goals. Prostitution was introduced to her through friends, and she’s been doing it for a decade and a half now.

“The men in my life have taken advantage of me for 10 years, and now I can show the world nothing. In order to stay in my apartment, I must pay my rent on time. If I don’t have the money to do so, I will be evicted. Despite all of the effort, I haven’t accomplished anything. I am in my room and there is no luggage in sight. In my youth, I wanted to be an attorney or an investigator, but I didn’t have the chance, and these aspirations didn’t come to fruition “She burst into tears.

Further, Rochelle Grace said that the sex job she has done without her will has stripped her of her self-confidence.

As she tells it, she prays a lot for strength to overcome her difficulties and forgiveness from God for all her transgressions.

She went on to say that if she were given financial assistance, she would stop prostitution and start a respectable company instead.

As a reminder, prostitution is illegal in Ghana but is practiced regardless, by some Ghanaians and foreigners. They are sometimes arrested but let off the hook eventually.


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