Ashley Judd face: Did Ashley Judd do plastic surgery

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Celebrity country singer Naomi Judd passed away, it was revealed on April 30, 2022. She was Wynonna’s mother as well as Ashley Judd, and together they made up the renowned musical trio The Judds.

The Judds would be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame the following evening, and Ashley and Wynonna would be on stage performing (along with Ray Charles, Eddie Bayers, and Pete Drake).

Despite this heartfelt homage, several people couldn’t help but notice Ashley’s face, which was visibly puffy—possibly from the sobs that raged through her body.

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One person tweeted, “Ashley Judd needs to lay off the Botox. I have no idea why so many people keep ruining themselves with all the cosmetic surgeries/injections. They do not look better!”

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Ashley Judd‘s recent photo with a swollen face, prompted speculation as to whether it was caused by plastic surgery or an accident.

Ashley opened up on Facebook in August 2019 about having a certain type of migraine. She added, “I’ve had a siege migraine now for 11 days and am in the hospital for treatment, but my mood is wonderful since I am conscious of my many blessings and my buddy gave me a lovely homemade peach pie,” beside a photo of herself holding a pie.

Ashley experiences frequent migraines. According to the Cleveland Clinic, a chronic migraine is one that lasts longer than three months and has at least 15 headache days per month, including at least eight days where the headaches have migraine-like characteristics. It sounds very much like the person had a migraine for 11 days.

Considering that there is presently no treatment for migraines, it makes sense that Ashley Judd still need recurring Botox treatments. Don’t worry about what Ashley Judd is doing to her face; it’s not medically related. It shouldn’t have to be presented as a means of treating a disease.

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Ashley Judd face: Did Ashley Judd do plastic surgery
Ashley Judd face: Did she do plastic surgery
Ashley Judd face: Did Ashley Judd do plastic surgery
Ashley Judd face: Did Ashley do plastic surgery
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