“At least I can read, I’m intelligent and rich so no need to further my education” – Fameye (+ video

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Growing up in most Ghanaian communities, youngsters were advised by their parents to take their books with all seriousness for classroom education is the key to success, financially.

But the reality after classroom education is entirely different as graduates have to put aside all the classless HND’s and degrees’ and hustle like school dropouts for daily bread!

As a result, most visionary youngsters off late don’t take delight in acquiring school credentials for obvious reasons but love to hustle hard and make it big because after school, man still has to hustle.

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This scenario best fits the lifestyle a budding Ghanaian musician, Fameye as he has stated categorically that he won’t waste his time to further his classroom education.

Fameye in an interview on Ghana weekend TV was asked if he had plans of furthering his education. In his response, he equated riches to education. To his best knowledge, someone who is intelligent, speaks English and is rich, is automatically educated.

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“For me, if you can speak English and you’re intelligent and rich, you’re educated. If you’re rich, you’re educated”, he said.

He added that he is not sure he would further his education if he makes so much money because he is already an avid reader.

Fameye also revealed that he was enrolled in IPMC to study I.T but quit along the line and basically to use the fees to follow his passion. Thus, he decided to use his fees to shoot music video after a below-average performance in the first exams he sat.

WATCH VIDEO and pay more attention to the 10th minute thereafter;





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