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I'm an author and a writer. My craft is passionately influenced by the things I explore in the universe. Invariably, my skill is the product of what constitute my environment. Email: adikroberenice@gmail.com

‘I Will Never Reduce The Size Of My Breast Because I’m Proud Of It’-Mercy Asiedu

We all know Kumasi-based actress, Mercy Asiedu has unbelievably huge breasts. Many people think it’s a liability and makes her unattractive. Unbeknownst to us, her breast is her biggest asset and is one of the reasons why his husband married her, according to a recent interview she had with Delay on the Delay Show. “Why will I be bothered about …

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Money SWINE: Saudi Arabian Prince Buys 24Karat Gold Chains For All His Sheep

This is just unbelievable. It sounds like a paradox but it’s is real. People like to flaunt their wealth in weird manner to reinforce their status but this is one of the most outrageous of all. A Saudi prince decided decorate his sheep with expensive jewels, I mean 24karat gold chains and social media just went into frenzy over the …

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Hot Photos: Serena Williams Shares Pregnancy Photos Whilst In A Bikini

Legendary world tennis star Serena Williams is relishing the joy of motherhood as she prepares to welcome her first baby. She shared a picture of herself whilst on a yacht in Florida. Serena Williams and fiancé Alexis Ohanian have earlier said they are not interested in finding out the baby’s sex. “We’re waiting for a surprise,” Serena told reporters. “We …

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Counsellor Lutterodt AGAIN: ‘It Is A Curse To Marry A Virgin Who Masturbate’

If there is any word which is ‘stronger’ than controversial, we won’t hesitate to hang it on the neck of Reverend George Lutterodt. He sure gets attention with his this style and we are not surprised he always brings out something to reinforce his new found status. In his latest ‘episode’ he posited that majority of Christians are masturbating virgins. …

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‘I Believe Awards Come Naturally But For Now I Am Focusing On Making Money’-Shatta Wale

Charles Nii Armah, popularly called Shatta Wale has added another twist to the ongoing BET nomination snub brouhaha. In interview granted to the media, the Kakai hitmaker explained that he is not really obsessed with awards hence does not feel bothered when his hard work is overlooked. He said what remains paramount to him is the pursuit of money to …

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Wow: Meet 52-year old Thembisile Ntaka, The World’s Oldest Virgin

Honestly staying a virgin is one of the most challenging aspects of adolescence. Whilst growing up, the chastity propaganda was drummed into our heads but none of us was able to live up to expectation. I wonder how many virgins are there in this modern era when promiscuity abounds like never before. So it comes as a huge surprise that …

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“Ego, Arrogance, Misunderstanding Caused The Collapse Of Dobble’-Danny Beatz

Dobble, the group that composed Christy, the hottest song of 2016 parted ways because of arrogance and ego, according to their sound engineer Danny Beatz. The group did not even stay long to enjoy ‘the fruit Christy was yielding.’ Danny Beatz, real name Daniel Owusu Agyapong gave an insight to what really caused the demise of one the country’s most …

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Gospel Musician, Obaapa Christy Says She Would Give Birth To 10 Children To Glorify God

The excruciating experience of childbirth is one of the most indelible experiences of parents. In fact many vow not deliver again after having their first baby. The frightening mortality rate relative to childbirth is another factor which makes childbirth an unpleasant one. Yet, popular Ghanaian gospel musician, Obaapa Christy has said she would love to give birth to ten children …

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Monaco Book 50 Cent For Title Celebrations

Champions of league 1, Monaco, have reached out to rapper 50cent to perform for the club and thousands of their fans this weekend. The club has successfully overtaken the mantle from PSG who have monopolized the league over the past few years. Monaco have been breath-taking all season and came close in reaching the Champions League’s semi-finals, only for Juventus …

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Flowking Stone Wants Ghanaian Musicians To Be United

One of Ghana’s fastest rappers, Flowking Stone has sent a congratulatory message to Stonebwoy following his BET nominations whilst advocating for unity amongst Ghanaian musicians. He feels that jealousy, which currently pervades the industry does not bode well for Ghanaian artistes. He said, “Oh Ghana! When will we learn to support our own, when will we realise we are our …

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