Ban KiDi’s “Touch It” track from the airwaves, it’s ex.plicit and negative to the young ones” – Pure Akan suggests [Video]

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Pure Akan has called for the banning of explicit tracks like KiDi’s “Touch It” from been played on the airwaves.

According to him, such songs are not right for consumption by young ones since they contain explicit messages and innuendoes.

In an interview with Abeiku Santana on Okay FM, Pure Akan said the agency in charge of the regulating of explicit material and songs on the airwaves needs to be up and doing to ensure that songs that contain 18+ messages are banned.

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However, Pure Akan said he does not think these songs are the reasons why the young ones have a corrupt attitude but believes the messages contained in such songs like KiDi’s “Touch It” are intended for a particular group hence the need for it to be regulated.

He spoke in the video below:

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