Thursday, November 26, 2020

Battle Of The Gays:This Ghanaian Gay Man Says He’s A Better Prostitute Than Bob Risky

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Sometimes it beats one’s imaginations to understand the rational into one wanting to something totally different from their natural being given to them by God.

Although being gay is illegal in Ghana, we are yet to see the law in action on the many gays, who now seem to have found a voice here in Ghana.

A young man known as Jay Rooney and a good friend of the popular wh*re Farcadi has come to say that he’s a better prostit*te than Nigeria’s male barbie and gay Bob Risky, saying that all Bob Risky knows is to do makeup.

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Jay Rooney who seemed worried that Bob Risky is taking all of the shine has now fully bleached his skin as well and has warned Bob Risky to leave the business for him.

Jay Rooney before and after bleaching


“So Madam Make-ups Bobrisky tell me oo, Why are you hurting yourself? Don’t force yourself if you know you can’t do a hoe’s job.. Your profession na make-uping and my profession na akpo job (Ashawo), So stop doing my job cos i don’t do yours”

Oh yeah! People would do anything for the money these days

Jay Rooney—Ghana’s Version Of Bob Risky
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