Beautiful Twitter Lady, Vivian Pulls A Fast One On Her Best Friend’s Boyfriend By Stealing His iPhone 12 In A Hotel

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A Twitter user identified only as Vivian has been called out by her best friend for stealing her boyfriend’s phone while they all assembled at a hotel to have fun.

From the narration the aggrieved party, Lydia presented on Twitter, she was supposed to meet her man in a hotel so they could catch fun, obviously as a prelude to the festive season but her man requested the presence of two other ladies to keep his male friends company.

Lydia therefore brought two ladies, including Vivian but for some strange reasons, she (Vivian) suddenly felt sick a few minutes later and left the venue. Few minutes later, Lydia’s boyfriend realized his iPhone 12 has been stolen.

Lydia has in a strong worded message asked her friend to return the phone else she will deal with her spiritually.

Lydia shared this on Twitter;

‘My boyfriend demanded I bring my friends because he was lodging in the hotel with his friends, so I brought 3 of my friends including @vivianrora. Vivian suddenly fell ill, and said she wants to go home, when she left my Bf noticed his phone was missing

Twitter NG tell her to refund the phone, because I’m going to take this spiritually to ijebuode, I mean every word.

Please I am being serious here, I know she is a clout chaser, but please leave sentiment aside. This is real, this girl stole an iPhone 12.”


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