Beerus power level

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Beerus is the fountain antagonist of the Dragon Ball Z and the god of destruction of Universe 7 and has Champa his twin brother which is the god of destruction of Universe 6.

Beerus power Level

Beerus is considered by many as one of the most powerful characters worldwide. He was ranked as the seven  god of destruction as every Dragon Ball series has its own destruction power. Beerus destroyed the planet and it’s habitats with his power.

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He eradicates the whole solar system easily due to its unique ability. Beerus at a time eradicated a planet with a small bit of energy drop from its figure to the surface.

After suppressing his power, he dominated Goku in battle and became unconscious with a soft jab in the neck. As a god of destruction, he is responsible for maintaining balance in the universe.

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The power level of Beerus is over three billion at 100%. Beerus was among the most feared gods of destruction such as Kais, King Vegeta, King Cold, Frieza, Supreme Kais, Cooler, Vegeta and Shenron.


Beerus unique power can swat opponents with the flick of a finger and can destroys planets with its fingers. When the power dropped from its finger to the surface, it obliterates a planet.

Can Beerus beat Moro

Yes, Beerus can beat Moro since he can eliminate the whole solar system with a little effort. After destroying a whole planet with just a little bit of his energy, his power was still intact,

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He still dominated SuperbSaiyan 3 Goku in battle and rendered him unconscious with just a light chop to the neck.

Was Beerus born a god?

Many people thought that Beerus was born in immortal but he gained his position as a destroyer. Previously, he was referenced in the manga chapter of The Zeta Sword and Out From the Broken Sword episode.

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