Before You Engage In Any Prayer Session, Prepare Like You’re Going To Court- Bishop David Oyedepo

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The popular Nigerian preacher, Bishop David Oyedepo has charged Christians to prepare like they are going to court when they want to engage in any prayer session.

According to the preacher, one needs to organise and write down the scriptures before engaging in your prayer session.

“Before you engage in any prayer session, sit down and prepare, like one going to court. Organise, and if possible, write down your prayer points and the Scriptures that commit God to grant your desires,” David Oyedepo wrote on his IG page.

So when next you decide to engage in that prayer session for God to open his floodgates in abundance for you, remember to prepare like you’re going to court to fight for that land that you bought for so much money and some people just want to snatch it away from you.

This is what would help God grant your desires according to the Winners’ Chapel International Founder, Bishop David Oyedepo.

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