Being a good girl doesn’t pay, if you like don’t wise up in 2023 – Slay queen tells her peers

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A young Nigerian woman who is well-known on TikTok has sent a fiery message to other girls ahead of the new year 2023, ultimately serving as the new resolution.

According to her, being a good girl has no advantages and that women who avoided making demands of males this year were left with nothing.

She girls who played nice ended up with nothing hence moving forward, girls should use their sense in reaping off from men in the next year.

In 2023, the TikTok slay queen sarcastically advised them to keep up their good morals and contentment with little and to see if it will pay off.

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“You see as you no get Christmas hair and Christmas dress so? If you like continue doing good girl for 2023!!!, she wrote.

In other news previously shared on, a tweep from Kenya identified as Bianca Wamu has admitted that she argued with her brother about the woman he wants to marry.

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Bianca said she turned down the woman her brother proposed to as his future spouse because she dislikes her reputation as a ‘serial twerker’ online.

She further claimed that her brother’s girlfriend frequently shares videos of herself twerking while half-nude on social media and that she felt it would be wrong to turn a blind eye and permit her sibling to marry such a woman.

She reportedly told him that the woman had offended her because of what she did and questioned whether he could not find a Kenyan woman who would be a wonderful mother to their children.

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She claimed that ever since she made him aware that she does not favour such a union, he has refused to speak to her.



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