Beverly Naya Tackles Men Who Want Ladies To Walk Down To Them Instead Of Chasing What They Want, Says It’s Rude

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Nollywood actress, Beverly Naya has dragged men who always want women to walk to them before talking to them.

The actress seems to see this as disgusting and disrespectful as men these days are fond of just signaling women and stay where they are.

Taking to popular microblogging platform, Twitter, she indicated that such attitude of men is very rude and proceed to applaud men who desist from that.

She expects men to walk down to the woman they’re in need to talk to than just signaling them to walk from where they stand to the one making the request.

In her words, “Dear men, it will take nothing from you to walk over to the lady you’d like to speak to. Stop expecting ladies to leave where they are to walk over to you when you signal for them to, it’s rude.

Respect to the gentlemen who already know this though”.

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