‘Bigger Earthquakes Coming So Prepare’- Ghanaian Scientist Warns

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A Senior Seismologist at the Ghana Geological Survey Authority Nicholas Opoku has cautioned Ghanaians to prepare adequately for more earth tremors after what was experienced on Wednesday night which was experienced in some parts of Greater Accra and Central Region. Seismologists are scientists who study earthquakes and planetary activities as well as their effects, such as tsunamis.

Mr Opoku however fell short in giving the exact date this earthquake will strike.  ‘We know one day a bigger tremor is going to occur but we can’t say it is going to occur time soon. We have to start preparation to ensure that we are not taken by surprise”, Mr. Nicholas Opoku revealed.

He cautioned that since major tremors in the country are happening in the city centres especially where people live and there is overcrowding, it is advisable to rehabilitate buildings and demolish weaker ones to prevent future disasters that may take the country by surprise.

What we have do is to prepare for these tremors for they are happening within the city centre especially where a lot of people have built and are making a living. If we don’t take measure to make sure buildings which are built within earthquake zones are well retrofitted; especially those which are venerable and probably those which does not fit or cannot be retrofitted,’ Mr. Nicholas Opoku told the GBC radio in an interview.

He continued: ‘We have to do a zone ability mapping  to take stock all our building structures to categorise those which are safe and those which are not safe for people to live in to take decisions on.’

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Mr. Opoku added that buildings that are too weak need to be demolished whiles others have to be retrofitted so that they become earthquake compliant.

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