Bill Walton Height: How Tall Is He?

Bill Walton height

Bill Walton height will make you look like a dwarf when you get closer to him; do you know exactly how tall he is? We will find out in this article.

When you are famous, people will always like to know everything about you and that is why Bill’s height has become a topical issue.

In a sport where height is an advantage, it is not surprising that the height of NBA players is also talked about.

Bilt Walton is a former NBA player who has now turned into a sportscaster; what more do you know about him?

In this article, we are not just going to talk about Bill Walton height only, but we will also delve a bit into his career and other things that you need to know about him.

Bill Walton Height: Biography

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Before we see the details of Bill Walton height, let’s talk about his early beginnings and how his career began.

William Theodore Walton III was born on November 5, 1952, in La Mesa, California.

Walton took music instructions as a youngster and grew up with four siblings.

Later, he started to emulate his older brother Bruce and lean more toward athletics.

Basketball was Bill Walton’s first sport in elementary school.

He struggled with stammer and was extremely shy, but the sport gave him a wonderful outlet.

In high school, Bruce and Bill became friends while playing together.

Perhaps, Bill Walton height was what made him consider playing basketball.

Bill showed extraordinary talent throughout these formative years, but his tendency for injuries also became clear.

Walton needed knee surgery after breaking many bones in high school.

After a notable growth spurt in Bill Walton height, in his second year, he found it difficult to get used to his body.

After graduating from high school, Bill had multiple scholarship offers from different universities but chose to attend UCLA on a basketball scholarship.

In 1973, Walton took part in what is regarded as his best NCAA Championship game ever.

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Professional Career

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Bill Walton height

The Portland Trail Blazers selected Walton with the first overall pick in the 1974 NBA Draft.

Despite being a player that was much anticipated, Bill’s first two seasons were disappointing.

He broke multiple bones and was hampered by ongoing foot problems.

Walton nevertheless performed well in his first two years.

The real splendor came in the 1976–1977 season.

By the end of that season, Walton and the Trail Blazers had made it all the way to the NBA Finals.

To win the title, the Blazers defeated the Philadelphia 76ers in four of the final games.

Bill Walton Height

Bill Walton height

He is seen as a very tall person. Bill Walton height in Centimeters is 211 cm, his height in meters is 2.11 m, and weighs 95 Kg.

Walton overcame his stuttering after retiring from the NBA and started a second career as a sportscaster.

He has worked as a studio analyst and color commentator, primarily for ESPN, but has also worked for a number of other networks and teams.

In 1991, he received an Emmy Award.

As a self-described “Deadhead,” Walton is well known for being a lover of the Grateful Dead and frequently brings them up in his broadcasts.

He has hosted a number of satellite radio shows and podcasts with Grateful Dead songs.

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