Bisa Kdei Reacts To Critic’s Opinion To Disqualify ‘Brother Brother’ At 2016 VGMAs.

King of contemporary highlife Bisa Kdei known in real life as Ronald Kweku Dei has administered his displeasure in reports made by a media critic who published an article saying Bias’s hit song “Brother Brother” is not qualified to be nominated in this year’s VGMAs.

The writer thinks the song is not fit for nomination in the country’s biggest music award scheme because it contains certain profane contents.

Most people do not seem to agree with him since they see nothing wrong with that particular word Bisa used in the song. From their perspective,the word was only representing the extent to which he(Bisa) was expressing how happy he felt(in the lyrics of the song).

The Mansa hitmaker said,“I was very disappointed when I saw the article,and the reason is because as an industry person who knows Bisa Kdei,he should have alerted me the very moment the song was released about its profanity. He shouldn’t have waited for the song to be a hit tune before he comes out with stuff like his,especially in such times when award schemes are drawing nearer”.

Trth be told,we at honestly think the song is a very good song and has no profane elements in it since it just takes us back to one of those friendly jargons used in our everyday lives.

Do you agree with the critic who thinks Bisa’s “Brother Brother” has profane contents and shouldn’t qualify for award nominations in this year’s VGMAs?


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