“Black Sherif in 2 years has done what Daddy Lumba did in 30 years” ­– Music fanatic argues

Black Sherif, the 20-year-old Ghanaian artist that broke out last year with the first and second instalments in his “Sermon” freestyle series, has dropped a new single.

“Kwaku The Traveller” finds Sherif in full grind mode but able to acknowledge the bumps in the road he encounters on his way to making the money in his sights.

As he puts it in his distinctive vocals: “Of course I f***ed up. Who never f**k up hands in the air, no hands? I was young what you expect from me? It is what it is.”

And from all indications, Black Sherif is breaking boundaries with his latest ‘Kwaku The Traveller’ song.

It has only been five days since the debut of a single by the talented Ghanaian singer, and the song has already achieved extraordinary success. As of yesterday, the song has debuted at number 73 on Apple Music’s worldwide list.

This, however, may not come as a surprise given the song’s success in several places throughout the world. ‘Kwaku The Traveller’ was the number one song on Apple Music in Ghana, and it finally rose to the top of the charts on Apple Music in Nigeria as well.

This becomes a historic accomplishment that no Ghanaian singer has accomplished in recent memory, particularly in light of the fact that players in the Ghanaian music business are eager to see Ghanaian songs gain traction in the Nigerian music scene.

Sometimes, Nigerian songs are the ones that dominate the music charts in Ghana, but Black Sherif has shown that the tables can turn if the appropriate strings are tugged in the correct direction.

Possibly riding on the ad-hoc success tale of Black Sherif that has forced one critical thinking netizen to the conclusion that Black Sherif has accomplished in two years what Daddy Lumba accomplished in twenty years.

“Black Sherif in his less than 2 years doing the same thing Daddy Lumba did in his 30years career. Wow”, he asserted.



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