Black Sherif is a monster, he reminds me so much of myself- Akon

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Akon has returned with another bout of epithet heaped on Ghanaian singer and rapper Black Sherif.

In a new interview he granted to the media recently which saw him contrasting African musicians to their American counterparts, the commercially successful American singer of Senegalese descent said Black Sherif reminds him so much of himself when he sprouted up in the game.

“Black Sherif is a monster. He reminds me so much of myself,” he repeated his BBC Radio 1Xtra sentiments to his host British TV personality Zeze Millz.

The 49-year-old confirmed he was at the 2022 Music of Black Origin (MOBO) Awards where Sherif performed just before Nigeria’s Fireboy. Black Sherif “is a beast!” he praised again, recalling the night with Zeze Millz.

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On how a 20-year-old wields so much charisma and stage presence, Akon offered a simple explanation.

“He’s African,” he shrugged to dramatise. We’re a little different when it comes to stage presence,” he beamed with pride. He juxtaposed African acts on stage with what has been his experience and observation “in America.”

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“Those [people] will be wobbling with their pants [trousers] hanging half down, bored as hell, half-asleep because they are high as hell on stage,” the multi-platinum musician said matter-of-factly.

“In Africa, we wake up [ready]. Look at all these YouTube clips of all these kids from Uganda and how they’ll be…,” he tried to mimick the viral dance routines. “These kids are performers!”

For “us” Africans, “it comes naturally,” he touted. “Watching the kids from Africa [it’s clear] that it’s in their blood. Performance is like second nature for us,” the record producer and singer-songwriter stressed. “So I wasn’t suprised at all to see Black Sherif [on the MOBO stage, where] he was just a beast.”

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“And Fireboy has his own other type of swag that comes with him,” he nodded slightly.

“You can tell he’s like the new generation African talent.” Akon said.



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