Blakk Rasta is one f0olish man who has been hating on me since the start of my career  – Shatta Wale

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According to a recent interview on GhanaWeb TV’s The Lowdown with Ismail Akwei, Blakk Rasta criticized Shatta Wale for not doing more to better the lives of his massive following.

An outspoken opponent of Shatta Wale, Blakk Rasta, said that the wealthy musician boasts about his pricey diamond and gold jewellery while his followers live in abject poverty.

“What are you doing with all your popularity? The reason I keep bringing up Shatta Wale is because of this. So, you have a sizable following; but, what exactly are your followers learning from you? Everyone and everything is making fun of and insulting one other.”

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Fast forward on Thursday, September 8, during a Facebook Live session, Shatta Wale addressed Blakk Rasta’s newest charge, telling him to stop attacking his brand.

Shatta continued by saying that he is highly precious to God Almighty, which is why he takes care to deal with individuals who attack him without provocation.

Shatta Movement supremo has warned Blakk Rasta to repent of his bad ways and stop hating on him.

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According to him, Ghanaians do not care about one another enough to back each other up in all we do.

“Ghana, let me tell you something, you folks need to get your act together. To put it bluntly, we don’t love ourselves, and it’s a truth that everyone acknowledges, so the underlying philosophy of the nation, and the mindsets there, are really negative. He said, “Don’t you see it?

He explained that a vivid example is Blakk Rasta who has been on his neck since the beginning of his music journey, adding that Blakk Rasta is a coward and a foolish man.


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