Blogger Entamoty nearly mobbed at Nkrumah Circle for pulling off Black Sherif prank- Watch

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In the latest edition of blogger Entamoty’s prank series, he got a doppelganger of award winning artiste Black Sherif and hit Nkrumah Circle with him in a concept designed for his YouTube channel.

Activities at the busy business centre came to a halt after people came out of their shops to catch a glimpse of the fake Black Sherif thinking it was actually the real musician.

The guy indeed bore a striking resemblance to the Kwaku the Traveller and he played his part well.

Hawkers and sellers brought out their phones to film the rare moment while the blogger and his entourage, made up of security men and the fake Black Sherif strolled around aimlessly.

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Things nearly turned chaotic as eager fans swooped around them in order to get closer to Black Sherif.

Perhaps they got to know eventually that it was all a prank and oh boy, they were not enthused at all.

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