“Bloggers And The Media Didn’t Support Me But Now They Want To Mingle With Me After My Exploits In Nigeria”-Enoch Darko

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One of Ghana’s steady rising movie stars Enoch Darko has fired a stray bullet at Ghanaian bloggers and the media as a whole for not supporting him when he started out as an actor.

Enoch Darko’s acting prowess was discovered at TV3’s reality show, Talented Kids.

After making some forays in the Ghanaian movie scene, he saw himself whisked to Nigeria where his talent was further harnessed.

He got featured in a number of movies whiles in Nigerian, on set with most of the household Nigerian movie stars that we know including the legendary Pete Edochie.

Enoch Darko recently came back to Ghana and has since been touring some media houses.

It was one of these media engagements on eTV Ghana’s Late Nite Celebrity show that he revealed that he didn’t get the needed supported from the media in Ghana when he started doing his thing in Nigeria.

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Enoch Darko

According to him, the media and bloggers now want to mingle with him because he seems to have made it in Nigerian and has now come back to Ghana.

“When I was in Nigeria and I started the Watabomshell thing, none of the media supported me.

I say it today that all the bloggers and the whole media, none of them supported me but as soon as I came to Ghana, everyone wants to mingle with me.

There are some Nigerian actors that no matter what you do, you can never get to take a picture with them so when you saw your own young Ghanaian actor with these actors whose movies we all watched during our childhood, the least you could do was talk about it and support your boy but you all didn’t,” he said on the show.


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