Bobrisky Lists 3 Things Fans Must Do Before They Can Attend His Upcoming Birthday Party On August 31

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Nigerian social media sensation, Bobrisky, has taken to social media to share some prerequisites fans must have before attending his upcoming birthday.

The self-acclaimed number one male Barbie and cross dresser will be 28 on August 31, 2019 and therefore he wants to get washed away in the moment with his cherished fans.

However, he he took to social media to list some terms and conditions these fans must adhere to before getting the chance to attend his all white birthday party.

One of his terms is the need for his fans to spray him with money when he dances.  He wrote: “60 invites for all my fans. I want to invite 60 lucky fans to celebrate with me next week Saturday let all have fun. Don’t worry I promise to treat all the 60 fans equal with my guest that day. One more thing i promise to feed you guys till you are all tired.

How to qualify.
“1) you must spray me when am dancing… it’s my birthday 2) I’m picking randomly I don’t care about your look. 3) you must be my very good fan I mean die hard fan. When you get your invites all information are on the details. It an all WHITE party . See you all soon ❤”

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