Bola Ray Transforms Life Of 17 Year Old Boy Who Was Abusing Tramadol; Takes Him Shopping & Will Be Sponsoring His Education

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Two months ago, Ghone TV embarked on a campaign with Nana Aba to end the abuse of Tramadol, a drug that was heavily abused by the youth. As part of the station’s activities, they visited the areas where the youth abused it the most to talk to them to know why they abuse it and also to educate them on the dangers of drug abuse.

During one of their early interview, they met one 17-year-old boy known as Kofi. Kofi was always on Tramadol and according to him, he takes it so he can get the strength to work. He told Nana Aba that, he the tramadol gives him the strength to carry other’s peoples refuse to make a living.

You Can Watch that Video Interview Nana Aba had with him below:

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He was oblivious to the effects of the drug he was abusing and after being educated, he promised to stop abusing it if someone takes care of him.

Bola Ray must have been touched by his story and decided to help little Kofi to realize his greatest potential.  Bola Ray has impacted the life of this boy and he deserves to be commended for doing this for Kofi.

Bola Ray took poor Kofi out for shopping for some new clothes and has made arrangements for him to get back to school again. Bola Ray will be paying for his fees as well.

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Nana Aba Anamoah who was excited about her boss’s kind gesture wrote on Instagram:

Remember 17-year old Kofi from Labadi? Kofi was oblivious of the repercussions of abusing tramadol until our medical friends made that clear to him. We are happy to report after two months that he’s stopped taking tramadol. Thanks to @bolarayofficial, Kofi will be going back to school in the next couple of months. #itispossible #endtramadolabusewithghone

Watch the video below: