Breaking News: A-List Nigerian Actor Muna Obeikwe Is DEAD!

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It’s shocking and very hard to report news of this nature, but indeed the Nigerian actor Muna Obiekwe is dead, has confirmed.

The Nigerian A-List Actor passed away yesterday, January 18th around 4:15 pm in a hospital in Lagos after having a long fight with Kidney failure. Death has indeed laid it’s icy cold hands on Muna.

Reliable Sources in Nigeria told that, the actor was rushed to the hospital after vomitting severely at home, which even made him collapse. According to a colleague in the movie industry, for over two weeks before he died, he didn’t go for his dialysis.

Muna On His Dialysis sometime back before his death
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Rumour has it also, that Muna needed money for his dialysis, but didn’t want to publicly seek help from his friends and the general public and before his death, he couldn’t go to the dialysis treatment for two weeks!

Nollywood has lost a gem and those of us who love him in Ghana here are saddened by this news. The tears in our eyes still continue to heavily rain down our cheeks. Rest in peace Muna, God knows best.


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