BREAKING: Watch The Video In Which Captures KKD & The Girl Accusing Him Romantically Kissing Each Other

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We had reported that a footage from the CCTV cameras of the African Regent Hotel captured KKD and the girl accusing him of raping her, romantically kissing each other before and even after they had bonked each other in the bathroom of KKD’s hotel room.

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Now, StarrFmOnline has been able to obtain the video in which KKD and the girl, Effe Thompson are seen kissing each other romantically. In the video, they are seen in hearty chat, sharing smiles and taking selfies with some few admirers at the atrium.

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After that, KKD and Ewuraeffe are then seen kissing at the corridor leading to the rooms, as the girl’s cousin, KKD’s cousin and two others who are with them used the elevator chalets.

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Watch the video to see all of it happen below:

What surprises we at is why the girl who is reported to have a boyfriend still went all out to kiss a man as old as his father. Some girls ain’t loyal. We’ve got an inside scoop on what made her report KKD for raping her because, she never wanted to do so as our insider tells us that, she gave it all out willingly to KKD. We will let you in on that scoop soon. Subscribe to our mail and follow us on twitter @officialghbase so you don’t miss out on any of our scoops,

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