Bride Price Should Be Cancelled, Women Are Not Properties To Be Sold – Nigerian Actress

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Before every woman from a traditional African family ties the knot with a man, it is required of such a woman to introduce the man to her family for certain traditional rites to be performed.

While these rites differs from family, the common thing every family has in common is a bride price. The bride price is a token given to the family of the woman to officially announce their intentions of joining themselves in holy matrimony.

When the bride price is accepted by the ladies family, the preparations towards the marriage ceremony officially begins.

Well, Nollywood actress, Toni Tones Adefuye ,has asked that the “Bride price” tradition be thwarted as women are not objects to be sold.

According to Toni Tones in a tweet, Bride price should be abolished because women are not objects or property to be sold.

Toni Tones tweeted; “Scrap bride price culture. Women are not property to be and sold.”

Her post has since sparked several controversy as many are wondering if she is in the right frame of mind to be making such statements.

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