‘Bring plastic chairs to school next semester’ – Atebubu College of Education students’ told

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In a recent communiqué, the Atebubu College of Education Students Representative Council (SRC) instructed all level 100 students to show up to class next semester with plastic chairs.

As far as we know, the order is a result of a dearth of suitable classroom furnishings at the institution in question.

“Notwithstanding, the ceremonial chairs you were asked to buy, has called for a restructure of your registration into the various dormitories, that is, all the mattresses will be in the custody of the hall presidents to whom you are to submit your plastic chairs and receive your mattresses the number of which will be recorded against your name,” the communique directed students.

In addition, students are warned not to bring gallons to campus for storage of water.

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The SRC has also warned students from taking furniture to sit outside the classrooms.


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“A very imperative notice which must be fast communicated to you is about the classroom furniture. Being leaders with foresight, we have succeeded in purchasing a reasonable number of furniture for a start, and having equally taken the pain, we went round ourselves to bring all furniture under trees in bushes back to lecture halls.

“Therefore, any student found sitting on a classroom furniture outside the class will have to face the disciplinary committee to justify his fate,” the SRC communique adds.

Information gathered indicates that students are unhappy with the directives especially the one on plastic chairs.

Below is a copy of the SRC statements:

Atebubu College of Education
Atebubu College of Education



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