Brother Sammy Tears Into Cecilia Marfo’s Prophetic Dealings, Says She’s Bent On Spoiling The Gospel Industry

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In the wake of all the all that has been happening since Ghanaian prophetess, Cecilia Marfo snatched a microphone violently from a gospel musician, Joyce Blessing and asking her to go back to her husband, a lot of gospel musicians felt that she could have done better than that, as the issues could have been handled otherwise, though she claimed it was a prophecy.

One such person is Brother Sammy.

That incident, it appears, is just one of the many supposed bad things the prophetess has engaged herself in over the years.

Brother Sammy, who was addressing the microphone snatching incident insinuated that it would have been better to address the issue of Joyce Blessing’s marriage privately rather than publicly like she did.

Many felt this way, but there were those who also believed that she acted on the direction of the Holy Spirit and so she couldn’t have done that privately.

Brother Sammy said in an interview on Adom Fm that he is in the know of several other musicians who have gone through similar unpleasant ordeals in her hands but wouldn’t mention them.

According to Brother Sammy, Cecilia Marfo is working on a grand agenda to destroy the gospel music industry else she wouldn’t be doing some of the things she does all in the name of delivering people.

He further stated that any event she attends, something untoward happens, from slapping someone to spitting on others.

All these he believes she is doing just to destroy the gospel industry.

“I want to ask Cecilia Marfo whether marital issue are addressed in public or in private?

Since Joyce Blessing’s had marital issues, you’ve never called her but in public, you decided to talk about her marital industry.

Cecilia Marfo’s target is to destroy the gospel industry in a strategic wise.

Her target is to destroy the gospel industry because everywhere she goes, every gospel event she attends something bad happens.

If she doesn’t slap someone, she will spit on someone.

I know a number of musicians she has done this to but I will not want to mention names,” he said in the interview.


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