Buhari’s Daughter Zahra Reveals Her Utter Dislike For People Who Chew With Their Mouth Open

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The fifth daughter of Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari, Zahra M Buhari-Indimi has revealed via social media that she detests, to the highest degree, people who normally chew with their mouth open.

Zahra revealed this on Instagram where she said that she often feels like dying whenever she sees anyone chewing with their mouth open.

According to her, hearing even the slightest of sounds from a person’s mouth infuriates her so much she can’t stand it at all.

So many people normally care less about being gentle whiles they munch on that delicious food they have been served and that’s a demonstration of bad manners on the table.

Zahra sought to find out if she was alone on this feeling of dislike for such people and about 70% of respondents also felt the same way as her.

“Why is it that I can’t stand people chewing with their mouth open?! 

I literally feel like dying….

Or in fact, hearing the slightest sound coming from a person’s mouth.

Am I alone on this?!” she wrote in her Instagram stories.

It is difficult somewhat, not to make any sounds when you are chewing anything but with tact, one should be able to do it silently that won’t disturb anyone like Zahra and the 70% of respondents that felt the same way about the situation.

See Zahra’s post below;



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