Building collapses in Bronx, New York: What happened?

Emergency responders quickly arrived at the scene of a partial building collapse in the Bronx, New York, causing chaos and concern.

The incident occurred at a six-story building on 1915 Billingsley Terrace in the Morris Heights area around 3:30 p.m. local time. A video captured by the Citizen app shows the alarming moment when a significant portion of the building’s side collapsed onto the street below. In response, the NYPD promptly issued a warning on X (formerly Twitter), advising the public to avoid the vicinity of Billingsley Terrace and Phelan Place.

The visual evidence from the scene reveals the aftermath of destruction, with a section of the building collapsing onto the sidewalk. The extent of the collapse raises questions about the structural stability of the affected building. As emergency crews arrived at the location, their immediate focus was to secure the area and evaluate potential hazards.

Building collapses in Bronx, New York: Footage emerges

At present, there is limited information available regarding any injuries that may have occurred. The initial responders are actively involved in the difficult task of navigating through the debris and determining whether any individuals may be trapped or injured. This ongoing situation highlights the crucial importance of swift and coordinated efforts from firefighters, police, and rescue teams.

The authorities have not yet revealed the cause of the building collapse, and investigations will be conducted to uncover the circumstances that led to this incident. It is advised that residents stay informed through official announcements and follow safety instructions provided by emergency services.

As the situation progresses, further updates will be provided to shed light on the extent of the damage and any potential consequences resulting from this unexpected structural failure.


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