Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Bulldog Jabs Shatta Wale, Tells Him He Cannot Buy Respect And Recognition With The Money He Has

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It appears this Black Entertainment Television (BET) nominations and its aftermath will linger on for many weeks. After Shatta Wale was ‘unfairly’ snubbed despite his monopoly over every other Ghanaian artiste, he felt bitter and equated the BET to his Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) certificate.

He also made it clear he is in the industry to hunt for money so he is least bothered about any award scheme that won’t get him any remuneration. His former manager, Bulldog is obviously not enthused about Wale’s outburst and has jabbed him in a subtle manner.

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Bulldog wrote: “The cheapest things in life are on sale… The most precious ones are invaluable and priceless… Those are earned and conferred unto man…No matter the wealth of a man, he can’t afford respect and recognition… #GODyear #sikanhyira”.

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