Bullet is a blatant liar to say that Wendy Shay’s iPhone and iPad as net worth was edited – Shatana

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Admirers of Songstress Wendy Shay almost shed tears when their favorite musician most recently revealed that she’s now rich and feel comfortable at RuffTown records.

In the voice of Wendy in the studios of TV Africa, she can now afford to buy the latest iPhone and iPad in town unlike previous years. As a result, RuffTown is like a Heaven to her in reference financial breakthrough.

Fast forward and like earlier said, admirers of Wendy Shay felt that her label boss, Ricky Nana Agyeman affectionately called Bullet has been using, abusing and misusing Wendy Shay for his selfish gains.

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To the rightful thinking of admires of Wendy Shay, their favorite Songstress has been mounting a lot of stages, therefore, it beats their imagination for Wendy to link her net worth to iPhone and IPad.

Reacting to this, Bullet declared the various accusations levelled up against him as null and void adding that Wendy Shay’s interview was doctored or if you like edited by TV Africa and Larry, the host of the program, to satisfy their parochial interest.

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Fast forward, self-professed Songstress Shatana has come to the defence of TV Africa especially Larry Bozzlz who hosted the program that has become the subject of discussion on the lips of RuffTown management.

To the best knowledge of Shatana who’s also a close friend of Larry Bozzlz, Wendy Shay was late for the show on the day that the “net worth “ interview was held on TV Africa, hence the show was recorded.

Nonetheless, Bullet and road manager for Wendy Shay endorsed the video therefore for Bullet to come out to say that Wendy interview was edited was all lies and deceit.

Shatana further detailed that to the media that Wendy couldn’t even recite the Ghana national anthem with the excuse that she is not an activist. This and many others were not shown to Ghanaians.

Therefore, Bullet should be grateful and thankful to Larry Bozzlz, host of “Video Ryde” on TV Africa and stop disturbing us with concocted lies that Wendy’s “net worth” was edited to shame her brand.

Watch full interview:


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