Tuesday, December 1, 2020

BUSTED! ‘Relationship Expert’ Who Revealed That Some Aggrieved Women Cooked With Menses For Their Men Allegedly Stole His Stories From A P*rn Site (+Screenshots)

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Few days ago, the internet was awash with shocking confessions allegedly made by some women to the self-styled relationship expert, David Papa Bondze-Mbir.

These unidentified women claimed they cooked for their men with nasty ingredients including their menstrual blood, faeces and others as a form of revenge on these men.

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But new report we have indicates that David Papa Bondze-Mbir, the man who operates his ‘expertise’ on Facebook and claimed he received those stories in his inbox, was lying to us after all.

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In fact the stories trended very much that people like Ghanaian comedian OB Amponsah stopped eating Jollof rice entirely.

And perhaps not too pleased with the situation, the comedian investigated and realized the news were actually extracted from p*rn sites.

After Mbir released a fresh batch of stories, OB said they felt similar to something he’s read before and upon checking, the stories were almost word for word what’s found on the p*rn site.

He wrote…


See erh. We are Ghanaians. We are gullible. Mainly because we have a good heart. But it doesn’t mean we are stupid. When your cup runs full, you are done for. I mean you can lie about Uber in Tamale and phone calls that last for hours. We no bore.

I don’t pride myself with p*rn, but I definitely know a p*rn story when I see one. David Papa Bondze-Mbir made a mistake by venturing into my field with his preposterous stories…

The moment I read number 2 of his new stories captioned #IStoppedMyself I knew that was a story gleaned from the internet. I remember reading something similar on Quora. I mean what’s the end game?

Dude kept saying these stories were original even though some sounded blatantly ridiculous. We can’t fault him though. He is a content developer and needs to create stuff for his readers, but nigga please! Tell your readers some of your stories are fictional! Just tell them that. Because of you I stopped eating Jollof. Almighty Jollof. Do you know how frustrating it is to visit the chop bar, see fufu and Palmnut soup, but order for Banku and green pepper because I fear it was prepared with menses?

I don’t mean to run down your business venture, but I think you should have stayed original, and probably made up these stories yourself, than cross into the p*rn lane. I almost had a boner reading your story and I was like “naaah, this is too good for inbox”…

The evidence is below along with the website. Let me go and eat my fufu with Palmnut soup with a clear conscience.”

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