“But I’m not an old woman” – Asantewaa defends why she wears skimpy dresses & why she married at age 23 [Video]

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Are you aware that fast-rising Ghanaian Tik Tok star Asantewaa is married? Do you know who her husband is?

Well, it is a fallacy if you thought the guy she does her videos with is her boyfriend or husband.

Tik Tok star Asantewaa has revealed that she got married at a relatively younger age in 2017.

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According to her, she married the son of a top-tier member of the governing New Patriotic Party when she was just 23 years old.

In an exclusive interview on the Delay Show, Asantewaa revealed that although she is popular on social media, her husband sees nothing wrong with her choice of attire.

"But I'm not an old woman" – Asantewaa defends why she wears skimpy dresses & why she married at age 23 [Video]
Asantewaa and husband
Asantewaa added that although people do complain about her choice of dressing since she’s a married woman, her husband approves of it.

She also revealed that she met her husband at a washing bay, didn’t know he came from a rich home and started dating him at age 20.

After 3 years, she decided to settle down with him after she was sure about her decision.

"But I'm not an old woman" – Asantewaa defends why she wears skimpy dresses & why she married at age 23 [Video]
Asantwewaa and husband
Asantewaa said the rich background of her husband did not influence her decision to marry him. She added that she only got to know he came from a good home right before they got married.

Asantewaa’s husband is the son of the Deputy General Secretary of The NPP, Nana Obiri Boahen.

Speaking about her social currency, Asantewaa said she makes money from these platforms especially Tik Tok. She credited her TikTok success to a bosom friend who introduced her to the app.

“This is my friend” (my coursemate). During the lockdown, she informed me that there is an app called TikTok, and had I heard of it? And she believes this app is intended for me. Download the app now. And I’m like, mate (I hear…)… So I downloaded the app and made my first video, which everyone enjoyed. When I woke up, people were tagging me and telling me that some bloggers had posted the video.”

Asantewaa now has nearly 900,000 followers and 20 million views on her videos. She revealed how she earns money through the social media platform.

Asantewaa is a trained nurse and her real name is Martina Dwamena. However, she added that the early death of her mother affected her childhood and growth.

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