Nollywood actress Sonia Ogidi exposes female celebrities doing nyash enlargement to get more men to sleep with

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Actress Sonia Ogidi has slammed female celebs in Nigeria especially those within the confines of Nollywood for going under the knife to enlarge their backside in order to attract men for sexual escapades.

She made the comment owing to the present situation Tonto Dikeh finds herself in after her former boyfriend Prince Kpokpogri of three months “used and dumped her.”

She explained that overseas, women do bortos enlargement for self-esteem, but here it is solely to attract more men as their clients to boost their whoring business.

Sonia further begged Tonto not to spill the names of those whose her ex-boyfriend allegedly has their sex tapes. The actress further exposed the facade and sham these female celebs dabble in and asked that they stop immediately to save the iota of dignity left in them.

Sonia wrote;

I now know the rush for doing Bum Bum in Nigeria

soniaogiri After Tonto’s post today, I clearly understand why some people don’t respect celebrities in Nigeria. Some celebrities without shame drugged their names in the mud as runs girls. Please if celebrity life no sure for you again and you want to face prostit*tion, let the general public know. Women in other countries do their body Bum Bum for self-esteem, self happiness, satisfaction to fit into clothes, lapses in body type (body shaming) etc BUT my Nigerian women are doing bum bum for MORE MEN ha. So sad. Please young girls, set your priorities straight stop looking up to those yeyebrities.

Just visit the pages of the GIRLS involved in this saga with that man and you will see they are all bum bum made girls ot. GOD forbid to some women in this generation both married and single. Tonto sweetheart please don’t mention their names ohhh for the sake of shame. Yours was relationship that carried you there not runs like others

See screenshot of what she shared;


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