“Buying me an iPhone 12 does not mean you own me, I didn’t even love you” – Cheating girlfriend claps back at boyfriend

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Ginike has clapped back at Mide for accusing her of sending her nvdes to her crush on social media after he had painfully bought her an iPhone 12.

Mide entered into the dm of Ginike when she was away from her phone and uncovered the corny things she was up to.

Mide discovered that Ginike had been sending her nvdes to her crush and asking him to look in her direction. The painful aspect of the entire debacle is that Mide is pained that Ginike was sending her nvdes with a phone he bought with his hard-earned money.

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Mide dropped all the pieces of evidence he got from Ginike’s phone and called for the dissolution of the relationship. Read More.

Check Out What Mide Shared Below:

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Well, Ginike has mounted a strong defence. According to her, the fact that Mide has bought her an iPhone 12 does not mean she needs to be tied to his apron strings and to be at his beck and call.

Ginike said Mide does not own her therefore, she has the liberty to send her nvdes to whomever she likes. Ginike went ahead to berate Mide by calling him names. According to Ginike, she was not even in love with Mide but she decided to allow him because of the iPhone he bought for her.

Men will buy you things and think they own you. What rubbish? Stupid prat!!

Where do I even start from? The times I’ll be too tired to cook and you start guilt tripping me that you bought me am iphone? Since you bought this phone I’ve never rested. You’re wicked and heartless. Just come and collect your phone stupid boy. @mide_the_badguy

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Ginike has put up the iPhone 12 Mide bought for her up for sale.



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