Cameronian Man Beats Wife To Death After Refusing To Take Her To Hospital

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It seems the issue of Domestic Violence keep increasing as there is no single day that we don’t hear about a domestic abuse.

A story shared by a Facebook user revealed how a Cameronian man beat his wife to her death.

He Wrote: “Looking at this couple’s picture on Facebook, if you are single, you will probably say “God when?”
So imagine our shock to find out this happy Cameroonian family has been destroyed by the actions of one man – Atchom Aime Cesaire. Aime Cesaire has been physically abusing his young wife over the years, and yesterday, he finally beat her to her death.

Laura left her job in Camtel to join her husband in the US in 2017, with her daughter from a previous relationship.
Reports say he has been abusing (GBV) her all these years and after another beating yesterday, she drove herself to the hospital as she was feeling unwell and he refused to take her. She was diagnosed with a bleed in the brain as a result of the beating, and sadly lost her life in hospital.

Laura leaves behind two children (4months and 12 years old). My heart breaks for her two children and loved ones left behind. It does not have to end this way my brothers and sisters. Please seek help if you find yourself in an abusive relationship, as victim or perpetrator. Please. RIP Laura Danielle Mvondo.”

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See the couple below;


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