I Can’t Understand Why My Outfit Should Give People ‘Headache’ – Ebony

Sexually seductive Ghanaian songstress, Ebony Reigns has said she finds nothing wrong with the way she dresses in public even though she is aware people are not happy with her fashion style.


Speaking on Peace FM Entertainment Review on Saturday, Ebony revealed that is who she is, and she has no intentions of changing. She can’t live a life that is not hers.


Since I got into the music scene, people have problems with my way of dressing.  It’s not something new to me. I just don’t want to be fake that is why I dress like that. It is something I grew up with. Anyone who knows me growing up will testify that I am not even half as crazy as I was before,” Ebony posited.


Thus,  according to Ebony, she represents a “bad girl” brand, which also represents who she is in person. She is currently living her lifestyle in her music. To her, she is not doing it for publicity as one may think. She’s just being real.