Castro Left A Mysterious Message To A Friend – Read It

It’s obvious until musician Castro who is feared dead or missing is someday found – whether dead or alive, the conspiracy theories surrounding his death won’t cease any time soon or later.

In the early stages of the case, it was about the lady he went there with, Janet Bandu, being a marine being sent to take Castro’s life. Then came in that, Asamoah Gyan used Castro as a sacrificial lamb for protection, fame, and more riches.

Again, the fetish priests also came in to say Castro sought help from a spiritualist but failed to honour a ransom so the spiritualist had to show him where power light is, where action could be. Then there was Castro being in the marine world and what could be happening to him; he was also reported to be in Togo –along the coast.

In the most recent one, Castro is hiding in Takoradi with his head shaved. One of Ghana’s youngest but revered sound engineers, producer and singer, Morris D’voice Lovit, has disclosed that Castro told him something before his fate.

According to Morris, “I remember Castro telling my brother Roro Buddy not long ago that this is his last hip-life album and that he would do gospel after and I said brother, you don’t give yourself time to hear the voice of God”

Per Morris’ account, he cautioned Castro: “For God knows tomorrow but you do not listen to that still voice of God and act now, for that may be your saving grace.” He admitted being in a melancholy: “I am really sad and I pray he is found alive. It is a very very sad one.”

On whether Janet Bandu is an agent from the marine world or not, Morris begged to differ. He opined: “Even though I don’t believe in these fetish priests, mallams and all these false prophets because there’s no truth in the devil, people shouldn’t be amazed hearing that the lady he was with isn’t full human even though I don’t believe she is anything else but a human being.”

He further added that “there are such people around that we are living with. Do you ask yourself when someone goes to a fetish priest for a baby and he is able to give one, where from that baby? Can the devil create man?

It is up to you to believe it or not but be careful before it is too late.

News broke out on Sunday, 6th July, 2014 afternoon that, celebrated Highlife/Hiplife musician, Castro – real name Theophilus Tagoe, has drown in water with a female friend by name Janet Bandu at the Ada Aqua Safari resort.

Though the police and marine authorities have tried all they can to get the two missing people, their efforts have been otiose. We guess tomorrow, there will be another conspiracy theory to report on – whether you believe it or not is another subject matter. Until then…MOTWUM!!




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