Saturday, December 5, 2020

Catch Up: Watch Episodes 5-10 Of No Lie Web Series-The Most Entertaining Series On The Web Right Now

So we’ve shared with you the first 4 episodes of the No Lie web series which was shot in KNUST in collaboration with the SRC there. It’s an obvious fact that, ‘No Lie’ is currently one of the best series anyone should watch on Youtube right now and  anyone who has followed the series since it was released, would attest to this.

The whole series is centered on what happens on the various campuses with a main focus on KNUST and highlights on how students, endowed with unique talents begin university to become an elixir to the world. Even though others are able to see to their dreams, some are left behind. No lie visualizes the realities on university campuses and how students are able to overcome the external pressures that come their way.

No lie plots on 3 students, from various backgrounds, financially, psychologically, and sociologically, who come to meet on TECH campus, and become buddies. The story follows them through the final year at TECH to see what they eventually achieved.

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Watch Episode 5 of the Series Below:


Watch Episode 6 of the Series Below:


Watch Episode 7 of the Series Below:


Watch Episode 8 of the Series Below:

Watch Episode 9 of the Series Below:


Watch Episode 10 of the Series Below:



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