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How To Find A Trustworthy Escort Service In Los Angeles

Are you planning on visiting Los Angeles in the near future for the purpose of attending a high school reunion? Reliving your high school years by attending a reunion, where all of your former classmates will be can be exciting, but extremely stressful. Everyone wants to be able to prove their self-worth, but of course this is not always possible. …

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Happy Fathers Day–These 7 Photos Illustrates All The Good Things Our Fathers Do For Us

And it’s Fathers day again in that time of the year and today, we are celebrating all the great dads out there doing their to ensure their children become great oneday. If you are a responsible dad, shouts to you. When it was Mother’s day, Ghbase.com shared with you the artworks of Ray Styles of Penciled Celebrities as he painted …

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Studying Tips For Adobe PhotoShop 9A0-303 Exam and How to Pass It

The Adobe 9A0-303exam covers the entire subject of Adobe Photoshop CC 2015. This is the current active version of the now retired, CS6 or CC2013 Adobe Certified Expert (ADE)exam. This globally recognized certification is a subsequent credential for securing a satisfactory career in art and design fields in the Web and IT sector. Here is the detailed information about all …

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Real Madrid Vs Liverpool: People Are Going To Win Big Money Today With This Company & Here’s WHY

By the end of the day, we will know who becomes the winner Of UEFA Champions league. Real Madrid and Liverpool made it to the final and the two teams would be battling for supremacy on the night but what makes this game even much more exciting is the fact that, people would become millionaires based on their predictions for …

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The SECRET To Making Good Money With Gambling Using Your Friends–People Won’t Tell You This

Have you thought of making some money with gambling? Yes, the majority of the youth are already into sports gambling for several obvious reasons and it’s about time you also take advantage and make some money by just recommending a site for sports betting to your friends. Usually, I don’t like to share tips like this but I believe that …

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 World Cup 2018: The Football Jerseys You Love To Hate

There is no denying that the essence of football lies in the actual playtime. Appearance does not really matter because it does not affect the quality of the game. However, when the tournament it as huge as the FIFA World Cup 2018, every little detail matters. It is the ultimate clash of the countries and no aspect can be ignored, …

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Happy Mothers Day–These 7 Photos That Illustrates The Love Between A Mother & Her Child Will Break Your Heart

Today is Mother’s Day in Ghana and some part of the world. Mothers are being celebrated for the pivotal role they play in our lives and it’s only prudent that each year, a special day is there to celebrate our moms. Artist Ray Styles has painted the various stages of our moms and how they see us go through life …

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The Actions of Maxwell At Functions Shows That McBrown Is Forcing Him To Love Her (+ Video & Photo)

Nana Ama McBrown

Yes!, age is just a number but in reference to African marriage especially in Ghana as custom demands, age isn’t just a mere number. Per customs and traditions,  the man is expected to be older than the woman else there’s a deviation and no contemporary theory can nullify traditions.   Born on 15th August 1973, 45-year-old Nana Ama Mcbrown is …

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9 Great Tips for Counting Calories with Ease

Calorie counting is a tool meant to ease your life and not making it difficult. You will be able to learn what you are supposed to do in order to reduce your calorie intake and then begin seeing the results you have always needed. Depending on how you do it, calorie counting occasionally can be boring or even discourage. However, …

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Creativity On Display At Ghana’s First Austism Talent Show


PRESS RELEASE Ghana’s first autism talent show came off on Saturday, 14th April, 2018 at the Aviation social centre.  The project put together by the Afi Antonio Foundation in partnership with Twellium Foundation, producers of Verna mineral water, brought together stakeholders including parents of children living with autism, teachers, caregivers, students and government agencies across the country. The event brought out …

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