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Low Turn Out For Wizkid’s Concert In Botswana;Shatta Wale Must Host A Concert There Too So We Prove Who Is The Real African Superstar

Reports on several Nigerian blogs suggest that Wizkid’s Diamond City concert which happened yesterday in Botswana flopped. According to reports on the blogs, only a few people turned up for his concert. Reports say that just about 100 or little above 100 people turned up for the event and the low turnout has been blamed on low publicity. Comments monitored …

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Every Husband Needs A Girlfriend, Not Another Woman – Counselor Adofoli

Frank Adofoli, a marriage counselor, has explained why married men need to have a ‘girlfriend’. According to him, all couples who intend to make their marriage work need to make sure the man of the house has a girlfriend.   Adofoli is not necessarily encouraging cheating in marriage, instead he gave an insight into why you need to rediscover the …

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Akapela De Burner Is The Fastest & Hottest Gospel Rapper In Ghana Now

Sensational Urban gospel artiste, Edwin Kobina Amoquandoh known in showbiz as Akapela De Burner is undoubtedly the finest gospel act in Ghana now. The ‘Tallest Rapper’ as he’s affectionately called style of rap is unique and spirit filled among his contenders.   His ability to combine Bible verses to create punch line effect in a rhythmic style makes listening to …

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I Find Worlasi’s Infamous Tweet Humorous & Feel He’s Scared He Won’t Win Anything-Chris Handler


Ghanaian artiste Worlasi tweeted that he would prefer his fans to save the money they would use to vote for him in this year’s VGMAS and rather use it to buy tickets to shows he will be organising this year. Now we don’t know what informed his choice to make that tweet but many entertainment pundits and bloggers have opined …

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Up And Coming Artistes Likely To Wear The Rap Crown After Sarkodie – Part 2

Following the feedback from Ghana music lovers in response to the first part of the published blog titled: “Up & coming artistes likely to wear rap crown after Sarkodie – Part 1“. There comes the need to bring to your notice the second part of the hottest emcees who represent the future of Ghanaian Hip life/pop music. Therefore, this piece …

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Up And Coming Artistes Likely To Wear The Rap Crown After Sarkodie – Part 1


Nothing on earth is forever permanent so everything under this sun apart from the Holy Religious Scriptures will definitely come to an end someday. So in reality, no man will stay on top in life forever,­ likewise also be at the bottom forever. In similarity to our local music indu­stry, whiles some art­iste gets their break­through in a particular year …

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Why Judge Me Because I’m a Buddhist?

The religious lamp differs, but the light is the same! No two ways, there are many religions in the world with each having a sizeable number of followers including secret societies. Because of clarity, I’ve taken the pain to research into the major religions in the world with their place of origins as well. Namely, Christianity (Palestine), Islam (Mecca), African …

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Shatta Wale Has Finally Disclosed Why His Road Manager, Deportee No Longer Works For Him

Many SM fans over from late July started raising concerns as to why Iddrris Yussif aka. Diportee no longer follows Shatta Wale since he’s the road manager. Again, issues were raised as to why Diportee no longer posts about Shatta Wale, SM stuffs and more. Well, Shatta Wale has finally spoken as to why Diportee is no longer part and …

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AMAZING: This Is How The Curvaceous Joselyn Dumas Lost Her Weight To Look Classy As She’s Now

The curvaceous Joselyn Dumas is one personality several young ladies look up to in our Ghanaian society. She’s a definition of an industrious,intellectual,virtuous and highly determined woman. She was very chubby about some 12 years ago but through her determination,Joselyn had lost weight and she’s arguably one of the very bootilicious and curvaceous celebrities in Africa. *One can empty his …

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So Has Lord Paper Become RELEVANT In Ghana’s Music Industry – After Nude Music Video Release?

Less than 2 months ago, an up and coming musician by name, Lord Paper, set the internet ablaze with what many described as a ‘porn’ or near ‘porn’ music video release. The music video titled ‘Awuraama’ – portrayed a graphic Lord Paper bonking a lady from behind, smooching her boobs, stimulating her coochie with his finger, amidst other romantic panache. …

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