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Its Unlimited content! This is Ghana’s Favorite web show where Chris Handler talks about everything, answers everything! The show has nooo format, but you sire will enjoy it!! It’s crazy, its funny!!

Check Out Photos Of The Biggest Gay Party In Africa Held In Accra Over The Weekend


As the United States and other countries grapple with the issue of same-sex marriage, publics in Africa and in predominantly Muslim countries remain among the least accepting of homosexuality.   In Ghana, despite the fact that majority of the citizens frown when ever the issue of homosexuality pops up, the ‘abominable’ act is prevalent in the society per the recent …

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Meet Kumasi Beyouncy, The Model Who Hates Her Pants (18+ Photos Inside)

It’s quite normal to meet most girls these days and learn that they are models. As an entertainment, fashion and lifestyle blog, we take interest in exposing you to new content and people always. Today, while surfing the internet, we came across this beautiful model known as Nana Adwoa Sarfowaah. Of course, she never said she hated her pants as …

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Is Sista Afia Broke? She Couldn’t Afford A Professional Make Up Artiste (Photos + Videos)

It’s appalling when I come across some of our female celebrities who only care about the clothes they wear but forget to wear a better makeup. My point is, they should either get professional makeup artiste who will make them look good or go without makeup totally. Some of these female celebrities just contact some cheap makeup artistes in one …

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Guys Just Do These SIX Things For Her Always & She Would Always Be Smiling & Happy

Most people are in relationships and they don’t know how to keep their relationships exciting and that creates an avenue for one partner to cheat—Damn, is tough to be in a relationship with someone who’s boring AF but there are things that you can do to keep that sparkle in that relationship and make your partner happy. This piece is …

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It’s Time To Change Location: 6 Places You Should Be Having S£x Other Than The Bedroom To Spice Things Up

What’s a relationship without great sekz? But how do you ensure that you always have great sekz in your relationship always? Some people end up cheating in their relationship because they don’t get great sekz so try to look for that excitement somewhere else. Well, it’s time to add some spice in your relationship. It’s about time to try a …

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” I Cheat Because I Have 9 Inches Pen!s And My Wife Can’t Take It,So She’s Always Crying When I Want To Do The Distin”—25 Married Men Tell Why They Cheat

After releasing what many viewed as the most shocking confessions of cheating Ghanaian married women, David Papa Bondze-Mbir, has published the confessions of married men titled the “Naked Queens”. Read the true stories of why some people cheated, you can as well send us your stories about why you cheat to info@ghbase.com to be published anonymously. Read Also: 25 Married Women …

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10 Ways To Know You Are Dating A F**k Boy

You are dating someone and perhaps wondering if he’s for real or just some f**k boy. Well, not every boy really wants a long-term relationship with you that would eventually lead to marriage. If you are interested in dating a much more responsible boy who would want to have a future with you, then there are some signs to look …

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My Boyfriend Has Impregnated Another Girl & I Just Realised I Am Also Pregnant For Him–Do I Tell Him Or

Hello Ghbase.com, The other time I saw you put out an email asking people to send their stories or dilemmas to be published on the blog. I know lots of people follow your blog so I want the opinions of others on what to do with this situation of mine. I would be reading anonymously to see what people say. …

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Facebook Girl Reveals How One Guy She Met On Facebook Chopped Her ‘FALAAAA’

We spotted this story of someone posted by one Facebook user known as Abena Magis. The person who wanted to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, revealed in a letter she sent to Abena that, she was ‘chopped FALAAA’ by one guy he met on Facebook. Read her sad story below: Dear Abena, That lady who sent you her story should …

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South African Teen Breaks The Internet As She Shares Her ‘Nekkid’ Photo On Facebook To Celebrate Her Birthday

Some people just love to do crazy things I guess? A Facebook girl known as  Nthabiseng Matlou, has gone viral on the internet after she shared a semi-naked picture of herself on Facebook to celebrate her birthday. The post she made had received almost 50,000 Likes, over 10,00 shares and more than 25,000 comments. According to her, she’s decided to show off …

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