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Adu Sarpeah Writes: Telenovela Is Killing Our Ghanaian Culture

Gone were the days when owners of Black and White television sets were demigods in their vicinity. Hitherto, most people come from afar to encamp at vantage areas and stay glare at the emitting rays from the TV sets, with all their protruding foreheads and eyes determined not to miss a sight of programmes telecasted on GTV.   Inspector Bediako, …

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Adu Sarpeah Writes: How On Earth Must Hall Week Turn Into ‘War Week’ Celebration?

University of Cape Coast West Gate

Nelson Madiba Mandela once opined that ‘If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart’. It’s in the light of the above quote, I shall ride on in respect to the choice of my words. They say, education is the …

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Adu Sarpeah Writes: It’s Only Hypocrites Who Bashes Counselor Lutherodt For He’s Always Right

The land of my birth or better still Ghana is characterized by people who’re quick to judge and mostly equate assertive people as being proud.  Similarly, the educated citizens are too lazy to read non-examinable content and rely only on captions or titles to draw their conclusion for the Holy Bible sayeth, appearance may be deceptive! Simply put, Ghanaians hate …

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OPINION:Ebony Reigns Is Just A ‘Porn Star In Disguise’ But Has Nothing Good To Offer In Terms of Music

Ebony Reigns Lying On Top Of A Guy Smooching While Performing On Stage At Pentagon Hall Week Celebration Inside University of Ghana

“In the chest of a woman is not only an extension of the breast and a feeble heart, but a strong desire to hold and use power!”, according to Efo Kodjo Mawugbe in his play book titled: In The Chest of a Woman. Therefore, women as part of God’s creation are supposed to be unique and possess a strong character …

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We Thought Shatta Wale Was ‘Sizeless’ Until Yaa Pono Joined The Race

Ahh well, majority of Ghanaians have had the conviction or the feeling  that Shatta Wale is the ‘voice of the voiceless‘ or better still stands tall when it comes to acting rude, however, upon the recent happenings between himself and Yaa Pono have negated their assertion. Truly, as the saying goes, a good king is never known until the new …

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How Long Can Artiste Stay Relevant Without Ghana Music Awards? A Word To Shatta Wale, Kwaw Kese & The ‘Confused’ Gospel Musicians

Africans particularly Ghanaians continue to abuse ‘stardom’ when they hit the limelight either by coincidence or through their personal efforts. Most of our celebrities easily or virtually forget all the difficulties they encountered before they had their breakthrough.   In View of this,  after hitting the limelight, some behave as if they do not belong to planet earth. Simply, they …

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Most of Our Celebrities Especially Musicians Lack ‘Real Talent’! Their Priority Is Just To Be In The News

There’s something going on off-late in the Ghanaian dispensation among those who’re believed to be our ‘celebrities’ because they occasionally appear on our screens. Arguably, most of the so called celebrities in Ghana can be best labeled as ‘Village Champions’ because after crossing the boarders or boundaries of Ghana, they’re just normal people who’re not recognized by non-Ghanaians even those that …

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A Critical Look At Why Music Groups In Ghana Split & The Way Forward

All other things being equal, two creative heads combined is better than one in every business especially in the music industry. Ghanaian music industry from the era of Nana Kwame Ampadu till now have witness countless number of music duo or group who started so well, but due to disagreement on pertinent issues, ruined all their hard-earned fame. Notable among …

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The Music Career of Stonebwoy Looks ‘Shaky’ Per The Recent Happenings

Award-winning Dancehall musician, Livingstone Etse Satekla popular known as Stonebwoy is facing the toughest time in his music career. Indeed, there’s “fire flames” failing to quench from the camp of BHIM Nation boss, looking at the recent happenings between him and his long time producer, Beatz Dakay. Although, disagreement among musicians and their teams do happen because they’re part of …

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The Pastors Have Failed Us

The attitude of Africans in relation to religious matters is summarized by John S. Mbiti as “incurably notorious”. Simply, the African ”eats and drink religion” in every aspect of their lives. It is in this sense that religion is defined as “the opium of the masses” by Karl Marx. Africa, a continent as a gift from God enriched with natural …

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