Chacha Eke’s Brother Finally Reveals What Caused Her Separation From Her 7 Years Marriage (+DETAILS)

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Ikechukwu Eke brother to Nollywood actress and movie producer Chacha Eke has revealed that his sister did not go through domestic violence in her marriage as had been rumored.

According to Chacha’s brother, her decision to quit the marriage was because she was tired of enduring so much pain and it wasn’t because she was physically abused.

Ikechukwu took to his Instagram page to state that his sister did not go through domestic violence in her marriage.

“I’ve been receiving calls and text messages, I’ve seen different posts with different and funny captions. People have gone ahead with their versions and have concluded what happened but no, THIS WAS NOT A CASE OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, FAR FAR FROM IT… IT HAS NEVER BEEN, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE HAS RECEIPTS (SCARS, BRUISES ETC).”

“similar things happen when someone’s threshold for pain has been exhausted, when someone has reached an elastic limit. It’s OK to let emotions out in whichever way that works best for one as far as it does not bring harm.” He wrote.

He added that Chacha Eke is in good health and very happy.

See his post below;

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