Change Your Panties On Daily Basis Even If You Think It’s Not Dirty – Ladies Advised

Sex therapist, Akosua Davis, has advised women  to stop repeating panties during their time of the month because it can cause an infection.

According to Akosua Davis, there are some women who are in the habit of not changing their panties when they feel it’s not stained or dirty.

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This came up while she was speaking on the causes of vaginal infections with Adwen the Love Doctor on the edutainment show, In Bed with Adwen which airs on eTV Ghana.

“When some women take off their pads and notice there’s no blood stain in the panty, they bath and repeat the same panty forgetting that when they wore it the first time, it absorbed sweat from their skin. Some wear the same panty for two to three days and that is bad. You need to change panties every day”, she urged.

Miss Davis explained that the sweat and dirt absorbed by the panty, when worn again, gradually starts to grow bacteria which ends up causing vagina infections to women.

Akosua again warned women to be careful of things that they put in and around their vaginal area especially when menstruating. She mentioned the use of cloth, advising that if it is the only option due to financial restraint, then it must be specifically a neat one.

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