Cheating wife secretly filmed by neighbour sneaking her lover out of the house after husband walked in unexpectedly- Watch

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A woman has been sighted in a video sneaking her lover out of the house after her husband came in without prior notice.

A nosy neighbour brought out his phone and captured the moment the woman tried everything possible to hide the side boyfriend.

The couple is staying in a block of flats with a balcony so it became difficult to for the duo to fashion out a strategy on how he could manoeuvre his way out of an exit.

The scared guy tried to jump but he aborted the plan because he could possibly die from that distance.

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The lady on the other hand felt jittery and kept returning to find out how he could help her find an alternative route for her. All this while, the neighbour was filming the nice episode.

In an almost identical story, a lady has blurted out online that she doesn’t understand why she is single despite her alluring figure and having ‘everything.’

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In a video she posted on social media, the young woman said she is fed up with her situation and asked netizens for any solution that could turn things around in her life.

She recorded a selfie video while strolling in town with her immediate surroundings giving us an indication that she lives abroad.

The unnamed lady tilted the camera to capture other parts of her body to substantiate her assertion that she has an irresistible figure that could attract any man but unfortunately, the opposite is what thrives now.

”This single life is already eating me up, what else do I need. I am beautiful, I have everything”, she’s heard saying in the video.

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